Quality: Our Promise to you 

Quality is our integral value that has allowed ReneSola to earn the image of a trusted brand across the globe.

ReneSola have installed millions of LED Luminaires and LED Lamps across the world, building our reputation by working with a number of major global partners to reduce their own carbon footprint

The combination of tests conducted in our in-house testing laboratory, our team of engineers dedicated to LED and strict and rigorous controls are proof of our commitment to satisfy our customers   

Did you know?

ReneSola has its own in-house laboratory and its own state of the art measuring equipment.

 More than 25 tests are carried out on our LED lighting products to guarantee quality

Spectral, accelerated aging, insulation and leakage current, structural test, etc.

Key Figures

Over 20 countries worldwide are selling quality LED lighting products form ReneSola

240 people in our technology centre ensure that all LED lighting products meet stringent testing requirements

17 international certificates of conformity are availalbe along with the test report 

Our Accreditations 


Quality managment standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001

We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and have put in place an effective environmental management system 


Employee welfare is at the heart of our company values. An effective occupational health and safety management system ensures that our employees are well looked after 


Continual advance in the LED lighting technology demards careful disposal of the lighitng products in accordance with the WEEE directive. Our membership of Recolight ensures all ReneSola LED products are accounted for to meet the WEEE directives.